HRS Connect v1.5 Released

RecruitmentForce are excited to release v1.5 of HRS Connect. Below is a HUGE list of the features and a brief explanation of what each feature does. We have delivered a number of these great features and improvements based on our existing roadmap as well as the valuable user feedback we gather from our Feature Request Forum.



Retrospective KPI Reports

KPI reports can now be run retrospectively allowing managers to have run the reports after the period has finished, to check on their staff's progress.

Dynamic Report Saved Search and Saved Filters

In the Dynamic Reports, you can now build complex reports and save those settings to recall again in the future, reports can be saved against specific Consultants to make it easier to find your saved report s.ettings

Sales Pipeline Functionality and Reports

There is now the ability to store Sales Pipeline figures against both Companies and Jobs, this will aid business owners and managers to forecast their income based on dates, % accuracy and the estimated values. Reports can be run in the Dynamic Reports to show this information.



Retainer Invoicing

Split the job commission as needed and then create retainers to be invoiced when needed.

Invoice Layout Design Options

We have provided more options to customize the Invoice Output from HRS Connect, including multiple business bank accounts, adjustable element locations, adjustable logo, header and footer text.

Multiple Invoices per Placement

Placements now support multiple invoices, allowing users to have more flexibility in the way they invoice their clients for services provided.

Ability to Change Invoice Contact

The Invoice Contact can now be changed to any contact of that same company, allowing flexibility for when the Hiring Manager of the job is different to the person paying the bills e.g. the client's Accounts Department.

Professional Relationships

Organisation Charts

Contacts of a company can now be linked to create a graphical organisation chart to help understand how the company works and who reports to who.

Work History linking to Companies and Graphic Display of Time in Position

When a Candidate CV is parsed we will attempt to match any of their past job history with any matching company in your system, this provides a valuable insight into the candidates and the company history.

Networking of Contacts

Networking is another part of this information linking set of tools, whilst looking through the organisation charts and the work history, you will be able to build up networks of people to better aid the acquisition of jobs and accurate placement of suitable candidates.

Research Lists in Companies and Jobs

Essential for any head-hunter is the ability to upload and process research lists, by using the HRS Connect import form, data can be easily uploaded to the system, cross-checked with existing candidates in the system and then processed into jobs when required.


Boolean Search on all Main Tables

Introducing true Boolean search on all main tables in HRS Connect this will provide users the ability to build AND / OR searches across multiple fields. the searches can be saved and recalled as well. This in addition to the existing powerful search tools should enable any search criteria to be delivered.

Communications About portal on the Candidates Multi Interview Creation in WorkFlow

Any communication about a candidate will now be available in that Candidates Details area, helping to provide a clear and informative view of what has previously taken place with that candidate.

Add Multiple Industry and Nature of Business values to Companies

Support for multiple Industries and Natures of Business has been provided in the Companies Details area.

Choose to show Candidates Notes, Profile, Education or Qualifications as default

When dealing with Candidates it is important to have the most valuable information to hand, and as each user has different needs, we have provided the option for users to choose what information to see as default in the Candidate Details area. Users can choose notes, profile, education and qualifications.

Filter Comms Types on all Portals

In order to locate the relevant information as fast as possible, you can now filter down the communications lists by type.

Customisable Dropdown on Custom Field One and shows on details tab

Custom Field One for the Candidates and Contacts can now have a custom dropdown as well to provide even more flexibility for our clients who require more strict data entry options.

Broadbean/LogicMelon Job Ref Options when Posting Jobs

When posting to Broadbean or LogicMelon the choice of which reference number to use can be pre-selected in the admin area.

Improved TeamViewer Menu Download

To help users get support quicker and easier, HRS Connect can implement the download of the TeamViewerQS tool, just by using the Help Menu option.

CV Download from Vendor/Web Portal

Recruitmentforce has also updated the client portal so that they can download the CV of the potential candidates. By getting clients onto the portal, HRS Connect users can reduce the amount of email traffic and the sending of candidate CVs.

Admin Usability Improvements

Additional controls and ease of use within the HRS Connect Admin area, this helps admin users set the system up faster and more accurately 


Two-way SMS Integration with Icetrak

Having further developed the existing SMS integration, we can now deliver two-way SMS integration by using Icetrak. This will require additional settings at Icetrak and will incur additional costs from Icetrak.

SignRequest Online Document Signing

Utilising our relationship with SignRequest we can deliver online document signing, this is ideal for important and time sensitive documents that require signing. SignRequest offer a very cost effective service when compared to similar online solution.


Addition of Indeed Search

Having temporarily removed the Social Search tool, we have replaced this with a Indeed CV search, Indeed is a great sourcing tool for relevant and accurate candidate CV data.

Addition of LogicMelon

The choice of Broadbean or LogicMelon has been made easier in respect to HRS Connect. We now fully integrate with both suppliers, so users can post from HRS Connect to either service depending on the business requirements.

Initiate VOIP (SIP) Calls from Connect

As long as you have a SIP internet call provider, HRS Connect can now initiate calls through the free and easy to use X-Lite SIP calling tool. This can be delivered on PC and Mac and in addition to Skype Calling.

Improvements to the Mailchimp integration in line with the latest MailChimp API

The MailChimp bulk email has been improved to allow users to make campaigns and get the emails sent out in even less steps. Making the bulk email options for HRS Connect the most convenient and straightforward as possible, whilst still providing the security of accurate and reportable email marketing.

Social Sharing support for other options apart from Hoot Suite

As social sharing platforms evolve we have seen a requirement for more options, having these ready at a click of a button in HRS Connect easily allows you to build and curate your social media presence. Users can easily and effectively share job adverts or other content online.

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