HRS Connect V1.6 Release

RecruitmentForce are excited to release v1.6 of HRS Connect. Below is a list of the features and a brief explanation of what each feature does. We have delivered a number of these great features and improvements based on our existing roadmap as well as the valuable user feedback we gather from our Feature Request Forum.



Bulk Email 

HRS Connect now has the ability to send up to 1000 emails within a matter of seconds with our new MailGun integration. In order to benefit from this feature, you will need to contact a member of support to have this enabled as it requires your mail server SPF record to be changed to allow this. Clients that do not choose to have this enabled can benefit from the current bulk email limit of 20 being raised to 50.

Email Attachments

You can now attach multiple documents to emails and bulk emails. In addition to this, we have made some improvements to bulk email attachments which now automatically adds attachments to all emails.



Dynamic Reports

Dynamic reporting has now been optimised to give faster performance to handle larger sets of data. 

Interview Scheduled Report

Previously named 'Interviews Created' report, this has now been changed to 'Interviews Scheduled' which reports on the dates the interviews are actually scheduled for rather than when they were created.

Interviews created can be viewed by the consultant from their dashboard or by managers from running the General Activity Report.


Temp Placements


Add custom rates with pay rate and charge rates

Create Contracts

Using customised contracts templates, you can create contracts for your temp placements at the click of a button.

Jobs Defaulting To Temp

For agencies that cater specifically for the temporary side of recruitment, you can now set the default job type to temp rather than permanent.

Availability Scheduling

With the availability schedule, you can see which candidates are available for the required dates based on candidates' availability so you can find the right candidate for an urgent placement in quick time.

Timesheet Portal

Seamless integration with Timesheet Portal allowing you to send Placement details to Timesheet Portal and manage all your timesheet requirements.



Workflow now has a new user interface to accommodate the expanding choices of workflow items. Users now have the ability to add their own workflow item by selecting the 'Other' option and then choosing from a list of set values in the admin value list area. Interview locations are now based on the job site location and have the ability to allow you to change to any site or free text.

Internal Documents

HRS Connect now allows users to store key documents in the database that can be used to attach to emails. You can also select a default document that will be attached to all outgoing emails from HRS Connect.

To Dos & Events Improvements

There has been some big changes with To Dos and Events which now allow users to link a To Do to contacts and candidates and events to contacts, candidates and jobs.

Goodwin Job Analyser Improvements

The Goodwin Job Analyser now suggests potential new tags which are added to a job and the database.

Bulk CV Parsing Improvements

The bulk CV parsing limit of 30 has now been removed and in addition to this, users can now select a folder of CVs to parse making the process faster.

CV Parsing

HRS has recently moved to Daxtra CV parsing which we find provides better and more accurate results from the CV parsing.


This has now been condensed into one tab with a slider to change between viewing longlisted and shortlisted candidates.

Load Saved List into Spec CV Send

HRS Connect now gives users the ability to load a saved list of records into a Spec CV Send.

Add Contacts From Companies

Contacts can now be created directly from a company's record.

Add Contacts/Candidates To Networks

Networks have become easier to use as you can now add contacts or candidates to an existing network.

Merge Tags

New merge tags have been created for the new formatted contract template. In addition to this, new merge tags have been created for Tiro, Broadbean and Logic Melon links.

Calendar Improvements

By default, only the logged in user's calendar entries will be displayed giving users a clearer overview of their to dos and events for the week. Users still have the ability to view other user's calendars.

Broadbean/Logic Melon

If an existing candidate on HRS is downloaded from Broadbean or Logic Melon, with a new CV, it will now add the new CV attachment to the existing candidate record.

Filter Saved Searches

You can now load a saved search and filter this down further allowing you to perform searches quicker.

Contact Types

Contacts can now be set as a 'Normal', 'Primary', 'Invoice' or 'Other' on the contact category field.

Site Phone Numbers

A site phone number is now available against sites.

Menu Theme Change

The whole User Interface has had changes to Improve Responsiveness and provide a facelift!


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