HRS Connect v1.7 Release

As you may have seen from a recent marketing email, HRS Connect V1.7 is ready for release! We are confident that these changes will help make 2018 even more productive. See below a list of all the new features, improvements and performance enhancements for the latest release:


Boolean Searching - There have been a number of performance enhancements for faster searching.

Comms Records - Link multiple contacts to comms log.

CV Parsing and tagging - The speed in which CVs are parsed have increased.

Customised List Views - Companies/Contacts/Candidates can now have a customised list viewing meaning you can view the most important data to you.

Duplicate Reconciliation - You can now reconcile company records.

Dynamic reports - This now has several default reports to get you going. There are also additional fields available including the rates for jobs.

Formatted CVs - Formatted CVs support bullet points.

Formatted Job Specs - Much like the formatted CVs, you can now create your own templates for job specs. It is also possible to market your job spec to any candidate, either from a saved list or from a found set.

Mail Gun - Previously you were limited to 1000 emails at a time. Now you can send an unlimited amount of emails.

Multiple windows  - You can now have multiple windows open at any point within HRS Connect.

Open Jobs - Jobs only displaying "open" jobs on first open.

Report Exporting - Previously you could save to PDF from the print view. We have now allowed an export to Excel for all the standard reports.

Social Sourcer - Social Sourcer is back in a new and improved layout which now allows you to source candidate information from 138 external data sources such as LinkedIn, Indeed, CV Library and many more. Users will need to have existing accounts with these external data sources in order to use them in HRS Connect.

SMS templates & interview confirmation - Templates can now be created specifcally for SMS sending. In addition to this we have now enabled interview confirmations to be sent to candidates via SMS.

Workflow CV Sending - Single and multiple CV Sends via the workflow have been improved.

Workflow Rejection - You can now email from a rejected workflow item or a self created workflow and integrate these events with your calendar.


As well as the above there are many more minor improvements to the database!


Things rolled over for the NEXT v1.8 release:


- Features to help you keep GDPR compliant

- Speed enhancements for; loading/savings lists, emailing, boolean searching, multiple record selecting (Shift click)

- Timeline report and additional reporting functionality



Have we missed something you think would make a great feature? Check out our feature request forum and post any suggestions for improvements or new ideas on the below link:


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