Main Preferences

Main Preferences

SMS Setup

To enable SMS texts to be sent from the database

1. Click the red OFF button to ON

2. Click the pencil icon at the end of SMS Status

3. Enter the main email address to associate with the Icetrak SMS service

4. Click outside the field

5. Click the Setup SMS button

6. Click outside the window

Filter Closed Jobs

When this option is ON, it will only show open jobs in list view thus speeding up the database

7. Click the red OFF button to ON to only show Open jobs in the database

Auto To Do Creation

8. Click the red OFF button to ON to automatically bring up the To Do window when an email is sent from the database

Use Custom Events

9. Click the red OFF button to ON to create custom events that have been set up on the Custom Events tab in the database

Identifier Format

Set this to the fields you wish to see in the Identifier field when in Companies….List view to differentiate between two companies with the same name

10. Select a different format as necessary

11. Click the Update All Address Identifier button

Company Details

This area is for setting up your company details and also the area to enter your Job board username and API key (available from Recruitmentforce) to be able to upload your jobs to the job board

Invoicing Details

Invoicing Details

This area is where you set up your invoice details eg. bank details, payment terms etc and also you can insert an A4 sized letterhead image on the right with a header and/or footer which will then appear on your invoices created from within the system



The Export All Documents button on this tab allows you to export all the documents stored within HRS Connect



This area is where you add new consultants, delete consultants, make consultants in-active, set up email accounts for consultants and assign privileges.

To Add a New Consultant

1. Click the + button in the top right hand corner

2. Fill in the fields choosing the role for the consultant and their login password

3. Click the Create button

To Delete a Consultant

Deleting will delete a consultant from the system permanently

4. Click the dustbin icon at the end of the consultant to delete

To Make a Consultant In-active

Making a Consultant in-active means they can no longer login to the system

5. Select the consultant to make in-active using the arrows to the left

6. Change the Status field to In-active

Setting Up Consultant Email Accounts

Setting Up Consultant Email Accounts

To Set Up Consultant Email Accounts

1. Select the Consultant in the Consultants list by clicking the arrow to the left

2. Click the Email Account Settings button on the right hand side

3. Enter the account name, email address, incoming and outgoing server details

4. Click the Password buttons and enter the password for both incoming and outgoing servers

5. Click the Save & Setup button



To Edit a Template

1. Select the Templates tab in Admin, Settings

2. Select the Template to edit using the arrows on the left

3. Edit the text in the Body field on the right

4. Add other fields needed by clicking the + icon to the right of the field in the list

Template Merge Tag Logic

Contact Name Merge Tags

<<contact_name>>, <<contact_first_name>>, <<contact_last_name>>:

The contact tags will bring in the full name, first name and last name of the receiver of an email and that includes any Contact or Candidate in HRS. For example whomever you are sending the email to within HRS, they are the contact.

Candidate Name Merge Tags

<<candidate_name>>, <<candidate_first_name>>, <<candidate_last_name>>:

The candidate tags will bring in the full name, first name and last name of a candidate, but they are only used in an email that concerns a candidate as a third entity of that email, this could be where the email discusses a candidate in an interview template from the Workflow or if there is a person in the ‘About’ field in quick emails.

Value Lists

Value Lists

Value List can be edited by adding new values or deleting existing values

To Add a New Value List Item

1. Click in the Value List  to edit

2. Create a new line and enter the new value on the new line

To Delete a Value in a Value List

3. Click in the Value List to edit

4. Select the Value to delete

5. Press Delete on the keyboard

Custom Events

Custom Events

Custom Events are events that are automatically created a certain number of days after placements

To Create a New Custom event

1. Click in the Custom Event Summary column and type in a name for the Custom Event

2. Move into the Template Body column and enter the email message text

3. Click in the Delay Days column and enter the delay value

To Delete a Custom Event

4. Click the dustbin icon at the end of the Custom Event to delete

System Tags

System Tags

System Tags are tags which can be tagged against company, contacts, candidates and jobs

To Add a New System Tag

1. Click the + button on the right hand side

2. Type in the name for the new tag

3. Click the + button

The tag will now appear in the tag list below in alphabetical order

To Import a Template of Tags

4. Click the Import Template button

5. Click on the Use button in the list of template tags to import

All the tags in that template will now be imported into the tags list



Exchange rates for currencies can be set up to start and end on certain dates

To Check the Currency Exchange Rate

1. Click the Currencies tab on the left

2. Select the From currency in the From list

3. Select the To currency in the To list

4. Click the Go button

The current exchange rate for that currency will be displayed

To add a New Currency Exchange Rate

5. Click on the next blank line in the currency table in the top right hand corner

6. Select the Currency from the dropdown list in the Currency Name column

7. Select the Currency symbol from the dropdown list in the Symbol column

8. Enter a Start and End date for the currency exchange rate

Note: When the end date has passed, the system will show Rate Expired in the currency table

Create Sign Request Article

To create a new SignRequest Document, see the article:

Preparing Documents for SignRequest

Training Videos:

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