Sending Emails

Emails sent will be logged on the Communications tab against records on the database

Sending Emails

Sending Emails

To Send an Email

1. Click on envelope icon at the end of an email address


2. Go to the Communications tab in the person's record

3. Click the + button on the right hand side

4. Click the Email button

5. Enter the text for the email message

6. Add any attachments using the + button at the end of the attachements field on the left

7. Click the <>HTML or <>Text button at the top to add the appropriate signature

8. Click the Send button at the top of the screen

Bulk Emailing

Bulk Emailing

To Create a Bulk Email

1. Create a list of people to send the email to (max 20) by performing a Search or by flagging records

2. From the List Functions submenu, select Bulk Email

3. Select the Template to use for the email by clicking on the appropriate arrow on the left

4. Click Continue

5. If any recipient has more than one email address, select which email address to use in the dialogue box that appears

6. Click the Send All button at the top of the emails window to send all the emails

All the emails sent will be logged onto every recipient's Communications tab

Training Videos:

24. Bulk emails

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