Creating a follow up To Do

This article will show you how to create a follow up 'To Do' and how to initially setup the iCal calendars in HRS. Please note that the entries sent to iCal only work on a 1-way sync.

Setup iCal Calendar in HRS

You will need to create the iCal calendars in HRS in order to send the To Dos to the calendar by following the below steps:

1. Go into Admin > Dropdowns

2. Select iCal Calendars

3. Click the green + in the top right to create a new line and enter the exact name of the iCal calendar

Setup iCal Calendar in HRS

1. Once the iCal calendars are setup head back to the Home screen and into 'My Preferences'

2. Select the 'Computer Profiles' tab

3. Ensure the top profile has iCal as the external calendar

4. Ensure you have selected the particular iCal calendar you wish to send to by default

How to create a follow up To Do

Firstly you will need to create a comms record of some kind. In the below example we have created an email to a candidate.

How to create a follow up To Do

Once you have sent the email communication a prompt will display asking if you wish to create a follow up To Do. Click Yes

A To Do popup window will be displayed.

1. You will notice it has already populated the iCal calendar field with your default iCal calendar.

2. Tick the 'Send to iCal calendar' option and set the dates and time for the calendar entry

3. If necessary, tick 'Create iCal reminder' and enter the details

4. Once finished click 'Send to calendar'

Once this has been sent a dialogue will appear advising this has been completed. Press OK.

If you check iCal you will now see the entry has been added with any reminder that was set.

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