Bulk CV sends

You can send multiple CVs to a client from the Longlist screen

Ensure you are under the Longlist tab for the required job

1. You can select either the longlist or shortlist

2. Flag the candidates that you would like to send CVs using the Flag checkbox on the right

3. Click the Submit button on the bottom right of the screen

  • Click Yes
  • Click Yes
  1. At this point you can Omit any candidates
  2. Use the arrows on the bottom left to view other records
  3. Click the Send CVs button when ready

This will bring up the e-mail window

  • You will see that the e-mail body has the names of the candidates you have attached CVs for
  • Click the Linked Contacts & Attachments tab to view the attached formatted CVs

You will see the attached CVs

You can send the email using any of the three buttons at the top.

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