Posting to Broadbean

Job board accounts must be set up in the Admin section before being able to send a job to job boards

  • In order for the Broadbean to work with HRS Pro, you will need to contact BroadBean on tel: 0207 536 1667
  • Ask the support team to enable your account to integrate with HRS Pro using the API key below.

BroadBean API key = 1412853559

NOTE:  HRS Pro is registered under ‘Cordis’ not 'RecruitmentForce'.

To Set up Job boards

To Set up Job boards
  • Go to Admin > Jobs
  • Enter your Broadbean username and password (1)
  • You will need to enter the follwing URL as Host URL (2)

You will then need to add which consultants you would like to be able to post to job board

  • On the bottom right, click the consultant field to select the consultant

To Send a Job to a Job Board

To Send a Job to a Job Board
  • From within the Job record, go to the Broadbean tab
  • Click the green + at the end of the Destinations section to populate all the job boards available
  • Click OK

The job boards that your account has been set up to use are added to the Destinations section

  • Select the Consultant name in the Consultant dropdown list in the Details section
  • The job details are populated  from the job record in HRS
  • 1) Select the correct industry, country and city values in the dropdown fields

Note: Even though these fields populate from the HRS job record, they need to be re-populated using the dropdown values that exist on the job board you are posting the job to as they may differ

  • 2) Enter the salary and salary currency details
  • Amend the job description as necessary (Below Details)
  • Click the Send to Broadbean button
  • Click Continue

You will now be connected to your job board and need to check through all the job details before clicking Send Advert.

  • When you return to the Broadbean tab in HRS Pro, click the green refresh button at the end of the Destinations section

The status will changed to delivered

To check for Broadbean applications

To check for Broadbean applications
  • Go to the Broadbean tab within te job record
  • Click the green refresh button at the end of the Destinations section

The number of responses will be displayed in the 'Responses' column.

  • Move to the Longlist tab within the Job

The applicants will be listed on the shortlist or longlist (depending on the Admin settings) with the progress set to the status field allocated on the job board.

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