Creating a new job

  • Make sure you are in the Company record for the job you are adding and on the Jobs tab

To Add a Job

To Add a Job
  • Click the green plus (+) button on the right
  • Click OK
  • Fill in the necessary fields on the Details tab
  1. Assign who is the Hiring Manager in the hiring manager area
  2. Add a Job Spec on the Info & Docs tab (see below)
  3. Add skills for the job using the Skills tab (See seperate guide)

To Store a Job Spec

  • Switch to the Info & Docs Tab for the Job
  • Click the green plus (+) icon in the Job Spec storage field
  • Select the Job Spec Document you wish to upload
  • The document appears in the Job Spec field and the storage list below.
  • Use the Label dropdown list to assign the Job Spec label
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