HRS Connect v1.4 Update

RecruitmentForce Ltd (HRS) are excited to announce that the feature set of Version 1.4 has been set and will include some great new features and tools for the everyday recruiter. A lot of our customers Feature Requests have been added to this release.

See this link for the Feature Requests area: HRS Connect Feature Requests

Below is an overview of what is in the next release:

New Features

  • Options for Full, Basic and iFrame integrations of the faster Tiro application page.
  • Multiple CV send workflow.
  • Background email sync and improved sending and receiving emails.
  • Text formatting on the PDF formatted CV.
  • Duplicate jobs with options for child records duplication.
  • Communication categorization and reporting.
  • Send To Do entries to your default task management application on your computer.
  • Improved support tools and training resources.
  • Spec CV send dashboard stats and reporting.


  • Improved candidate and job matching feature, to ensure more accurate and clear matched results.
  • Easier addition of multiple values for candidate employment market and position sought.
  • Ability to constrain a previous found set when running postcode radius searches.
  • Option to link historic emails to contact/candidate when created from inbound email.
  • Sub-typing of documents against companies, candidates, and jobs.
  • The addition of a salary high field on the jobs details.
  • Improved calendar integration on PC and when sending invitations.

It is expected that the next release will be at the end of August, watch this space for a release update and then get the upgrade booked in with our support team.

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