HRS Connect v1.4 Email Changes

Version 1.4 of HRS Connect has reverted back to using a plugin, rather than the API in version 1.3, to import emails. We have optimised the speed of download, but as a drawback, changes are not uploaded to the email account e.g. deleted items. We have also removed the functionality to move emails between folders in HRS Connect.

We have included the option to BCC yourself in all emails that have been sent out of the system, where the subject will begin with 'HRS_Connect_BCC: '. If you choose to use this option, we suggest setting up a rule in your email client to move these into a sub-folder for your own reference, effectively a HRS Sent folder. (See below)

If you choose not to automatically BCC yourself in the emails, we will attemt to upload a copy of the email to your IMAP sent folder.

Due to the above points, we recommend that you do not download the sent items, as this will add extra weight to the download. There is also a known issue where we can not get an accurate receive time with some mail applications

Background Syncing

In Version 1.4 we have also added background syncing to emails, which will be performed on the server. We are unsure on the timing interval, as this will depend on server load, but we are aiming for at least one sync every 30 minutes.

Should you receive an email that has not yet downloaded to HRS Connect, there is still the option to download your emails manually using the 'Download' button in the email area. Unless the server is currently performing your download at the same time, this will download the latest emails.

Create Rule on Outlook (Windows)

  • Open Outlook and click 'File' (Top Left)
  • Click 'Rules and Alerts'
  • Click 'New Rule'
  1. Select 'Move messages with specific words in the subject to a folder'
  2. Click 'specific words'
  3. Add 'HRS_CONNECT_BCC' to the Search List
  4. Click 'OK'
  1. Click 'specified'
  2. Click 'New' (Alternatively, you can select your existing Sent Items folder)
  3. Enter the name of your folder
  4. Click 'OK'

This completes the set up of the new rule

  • Click 'Finish'

Create Rule on Mail (Mac)

  • Click 'Mail' on the menu bar and select 'Preferences'
  • Select Rules
  • Click Add Rule
  1. Add a description for your rule
  2. From - is equal to - <<enter your email address>> (not essential)
  3. Subject - contains - HRS_Connect_BCC
  4. Click 'OK'
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