HRS Connect v1.2 Released

We are happy to announce that v1.2 has been released an existing clients can expect an upgrade in the coming weeks. The Features release include:

New Features
  • Candidate Sourcer.

Source candidates from multiple public social profiles including LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, GitHub, meetup and Get your first month free!

  • MailChimp integration.

Create lists, campaigns and HTML emails to your clients or candidates and report on the success of each campaign.

  • Scheduled social posting.

Use Hootsuite to schedule and manage you social actives from directly with HRS Connect as well as help advertise and schedule your Tiro job adverts.

  • Followup to dos on emails and workflow events.

Need to remember to do something, no problem now, each communication and workflow will offer you the chance to create a followup to do.

  • Linking contacts and candidates to calendar events.

Link events to Contacts and Candidate to ensure there is a clear link to who is involved in an event.

  • .ics event PUSH of calendar events to local calendar applications.

Push events from the HRS Calendar to your local calendar app so that you can have important events in you main calendar (there are some known issues with some versions of Outlook - we are still working on a solution).

  • Contact and candidate duplicate management.

Resolve any duplicates in your Contacts and Candidates to ensure you data is clean and accurate.

  • Speculative CV send.

Send and track Spec CV sends, and convert to jobs in a few simple steps.

  • Quick email.

Write an email to anyone in the system from any area of the database, simply find the contacts, add a template and attachment, then send.

  • CV highlight text.

Find how many times a certain word occurs in a Candidates CV text, this will quickly identify who might be more suitable for a job.

  • Workflow filtering.

Filter your Workflow to show certain activities or candidates.

  • Start Skype calls and chats.

Have Skype details for contacts or candidates in HRS Connect, quickly and simply start a Skype chat or call.


  • Hover-over main nav drop downs.
  • Improved Tiro web application page, including space for your own advertising artwork and links to other pages.
  • Search Key can be copied from list views and pasted into the search to return a set list of contact and candidate records.
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