HRS Connect v1.3 Update

We are excited to announce the next release of HRS Connect, this is expected to be released mid February.

New Features:

  • Customisable Import Module
  • Postcode Radius Search
  • Action Lists and Scheduling
  • Dynamic Reports, Allowing Users to Build Any Number of Reports with Numerous Options
  • Web Access for Clients to Log into HRS Connect and Review Open Jobs
  • Formatted CV Creation in Microsoft Word
  • Addition of Multiple New Records to Existing Lists
  • Added Workflow Statuses
  • Shortlist and Longlist Notes and Progress
  • Bulk SMS and Updated SMS Sending with IceTrak
  • Dashboard Popovers to Show Records that Support the Values
  • Auto Skill (Tagging) Update


  • Updated Distance Calculations and Mapping Options
  • Updates to Support Running in 64bit
  • Updated Email Synchronisation
  • New Candidate Field
  • Popovers to Review Certain Fields in a Bigger Area
  • Improved searching in Candidates Area
  • Additional Tags for Email Templates
  • Search on Created and Modified Data

When released the full list of features will be presented with additional explanations of the points.

* Please note this is the expected feature and improvement list, final release may vary slightly.

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