Support Agreement and SLA

At HRS, we are as passionate about support, as we are about our software. Our highly technical and dedicated support team have been trained to resolve problems over the phone or by using the latest remote software tools. We make sure you receive a quick and quality service so that your questions are addressed and issues are resolved in a timely manner. You can reach our Support Team online, via email or by phone – whichever way is easiest for you. As a result, we offer numerous ways of getting information to our users that will help them with whatever issues they may be having.

Terminology in this contract:

The HRS products shall be referred to as the ‘Software’.
The support contract shall be referred to as the ‘Contract’.

Each occasion support is provided, whether by telephone, email or online, shall be referred to as a ‘Support Issue’.

RecruitmentForce Ltd shall be referred to as the ‘Company’.


The Company will provide Licensee technical support services via telephone, email or online for Licensees’ use of the Software under this Agreement. The Licensee with a valid and current support agreement will not be billed for this support while other Licensees are charged at the hourly support rate listed on the website


The targeted response times for a Support Issue is dependent upon the severity of the issue:

Urgent - 2 business hours. Defined as being unable to access the Software.
High - 6 business hours. Defined as being unable to use the Software key functions (cv parsing)
Normal - 1 business day. Defined as being unable to use the Software non key functions (report/invoices)
Low - 2 business days. Other issues.


Engineer callouts - If it is necessary for a support engineer or technician to visit a client’s site, payment will be due immediately. Callout priority will be given to clients with support contracts at reduced rates, and will also be guaranteed a response time of 36 hours during weekdays.


The timelines above are when The Company will commence work on the Support Issue. If the Support Issue cannot be resolved within the timeline stated due to complexity, you will be given an estimated time/date of resolution. The Company reserves the right to limit each telephone call to half an hour and to limit each call to one Support Issue. The Company may also limit or terminate support services to a customer who uses the service in an irregular, excessive, abusive or fraudulent manner.


Service availability may occasionally deviate from stated hours due to downtime for systems and server maintenance and observed UK public holidays. The Company cannot guarantee that some delay may be experienced while answering your Support Issue - as support issues fluctuate, so too will response times – we do however aim to respond to all Support Issues within six working hours.


Support is provided in respect of the following product areas: client installation, software upgrade assistance, basic usability & functionality, initial server installations for client servers, training videos, as described in the Software product documentation.


The Support Services to be provided by The Company exclude the following: 


i. The correction of errors or defects in the Software caused by operation of the Software in a manner other than that specified or intended by The Company; 


ii. The correction of errors or defects in the Software caused by any modification, revision, variation, translation, or alteration of the Software not authorised by The Company; 


iii. The correction of errors or defects in the Software caused by the use of computer programs not approved by The Company; 


iv. The correction of errors or defects in the Software caused by the failure by you to provide suitably qualified and adequately trained staff for the operation of the Software; 


v. The rectification of defects or errors in the Software caused by a fault in the equipment on which the Software operates; 


vi. The correction of connectivity issues caused by third-party services, service providers, hardware or software (including FileMaker Pro), or networking problems;


vii. Inquiries on application consulting or training;


viii. Backup or maintenance of server or client computers or applications running the Software;


ix. The correction of defects or errors in the Software arising directly or indirectly out of your failure to comply with this Agreement, or any other agreement between the parties relating to the Software;


x. On-site support at your premises;


All supported clients will need to provide router access in order for The Company to provide support and upgrades.



Support Hours & contact information:


Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:30 GMT (excluding UK Bank Holidays)


Tel: +44 (0)203 475 5775 





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