Migration of hosted HRS Lite databases to new server

As part of RecruitmentForce's ongoing improvements to our server infrastructure we will be migrating some HRS Lite database's to a new server. Clients affected by this have been notified. Access to HRS will be suspended during this time. Details below:

Maintenance Start: Friday 08:00 GMT 21/11/2014 
Maintenance Stop: Friday 10:00 GMT 21/11/2014
Outage: up to 2 hours.

Maintenance Start: Tuesday 08:00 GMT 25/11/2014 
Maintenance Stop: Tuesday 10:00 GMT 25/11/2014
Outage: up to 2 hours.

Maintenance Start: Wednesday 08:00 GMT 26/11/2014 
Maintenance Stop: Wednesday 10:00 GMT 26/11/2014
Outage: up to 2 hours.

We expect the migration to take less than the above stated times and will contact you as soon as this has been complete. Please ensure all HRS users within your organisation are notified of this outage. A new HRS Opener will be provided upon completion of the migration.



HRS Tech Support

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