The Calendar displays all workflow that has been done by Consultant and also can be used to add To Dos and Events

Viewing the Calendar

Viewing the Calendar

To View the Calendar

1. Click the Dashboard button at the top

2. Select Calendar from the dropdown menu

To Change the Date range being viewed

3. Click the Day, Week, Month or Year buttons at the top on the right

4. Use the arrows on the left hand side to move back or forward a week at a time

5. Click the Today button to get to today quickly

Task List

6. The Task list of To Dos shows in a list on the right hand side

7. The Task list can be filtered using the dropdown at the top

To View an Event

9. Click on the Event on the Calendar

Calendar Settings

Calendar settings

To Filter the Calendar by Consultant

1. Click the Settings button at the top

2. Select the Consultant(s) to filter by

To Filter the Calendar by Event Type

3. Select the checkboxes for the Events to show on the Calendar

Adding To Dos

Adding To Dos

To Dos are things you need to To Do and will show on the Task List on the right hand side

To Add a To Do

1. Click the New To Do button at the top

2. Enter a summary and description, date and time if needed

3. Use the Add button to link the To Do to a person on the database

4. Click the Add to Task List button to add the To Do to your external Task List

5. Click Done

The To Do will now appear in your To Dos list

Adding Events

Adding Events

Events can be time specific and will display within the timeslots applicable

To Add a New Event

1. Click the New Event button at the top of the Calendar

2. Enter a summary for the event

3. Enter a description for the event

4. Edit the Start and End date fields as applicable

5. Enter the Start and End times

6. Add linked people to the Event using the Add button

7. Click the Add to your Calendar button to add the Event to your external calendar

8. Click Done

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