Companies - List

List View

List View

To Switch to List View or Details View

1. Click the Companies button at the top of the screen

2. Select List or Details from the submenu

Sorting Records

Sorting Records

To sort records in List view

1. Click the Sort/Filter button on the menu bar at the top

2. Select the column to sort by

3. Select the sort order of either Ascending or Descending

4. Click the Sort button

The list will now be sorted by the column chosen

Filtering Records

Filtering Records

To Filter Records

1. Click on the Sort/Filter button on the submenu bar at the top

 2. Select the column to filter by from the Filter dropdown field E.g. Company name

3. Enter the value to filter by in the filter value field E.g. Boots

4. Click the Filter button

5. Select All to filter All records or Current to only filter on the current records showing

The list will now be filtered by the column chosen using the value entered

The number of records found is displayed in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

Flagging Company Records

To flag records individually

1. Check on the Flag checkboxes for the records to show

2. Click the Flag Options submenu

3. Choose Find Flagged

4. Select whether to find All records that have been flagged or just records that you have flagged

Records that you have flagged will be listed

To flag all records in one go

1. From the Flag Options submenu, select Flag All

2. All the records showing in List View will be flagged on

To unflag records

1. From the Flag Options submenu, select Clear All

All the flagged records will be unflagged


2. Uncheck the flag checkboxes for individual records

List Functions

Saving Company Lists

Saving Company Lists

1. Compile the list of records to save first by way of a search or by using the flagging feature

2. Click the List Functions submenu

3. Select Save List

4. Select whether to save all the records in the list or just ones that you have flagged

5. Enter a title for the list

6. Click OK

7. Click Continue

Loading Company Lists

Loading Company Lists

To Restore a Saved List of Companies

1. In List View…click the List Functions submenu

2. Select Load Saved List

3. Click on the arrow to the left of the list to restore

The records will be restored back into List View

Training Videos:

Training Videos:

Data can be imported into HRS Connect into the companies and contacts/candidates area using your own source data. The top fields displayed for primary ID for the Company/Contact/Candidate are required for an import to take place. A consultant ID is also required for an import to take place.


1. In Companies list view, click List Functions

2. Click Bulk Import

3. In the Import screen click the + button just above the recent imports

4. Enter in an import reference name

5. Press the OK button

6. Select the option to import Company (Or Contact if importing contact data)

7. Select Yes to import source data

8. The fields for import will be displayed on the left and show a field number. On the far right the database fields are displayed available for import. Under the Map You Fields column, select the relevant field numbers from the left data headers that match the field names on the right.

9. Should you have many fields to import, use the up and down arrow in the top right of the screen to navigate on the pop up window

10. Once the data is mapped, click the Validate Mapping button. This will highlight in pink anything to be aware of and check. For example, the CompanyID field must NOT have a conflicting ID with one that currently exists in the database. Also date fields must contain dates (DD/MM/YYY) rather than text.

11. Once validation is complete it will ask if you wish to Import the data now. Click Import

12. Once the data has been successfully imported it will display a message. Click OK. This will then take you back to the Recent Imports screen where you latest import will be displayed.

Export Records

Export Records

1. Click List Functions

2. Click Export Records

This will export all the records currently displayed in the found set with the fields shown on screen.

Radius Search

To perform a radius search on the found set, it is best practice to perform a search to narrow down the results first. In this example we have searched for companies in London which returns 8 results. From this we can perform a radius search on a postcode to see which are within a set radius.

1. Click the Travel & Radius button

2. Enter a specific post code

3. Enter a radius in KM that you wish to narrow the found set of results by

4. As companies may have multiple sites, you can choose to check the option to include site addresses in your radius search

5. Click the Radius button to perform the search

6. As we wish to narrow down our existing search, click Constrain to further narrow this search

7. Your found set of results will be displayed

8. Click the magnify glass icon to the right of the identifier field on the company record to view this company on the map

Travel Distance

Travel Distance

To check the travel distance between a selected postcode and the companies in the found set you need to perform the following:

1. Click Travel & Radius

2. Select the method of transport

3. Click the Travel button

4. A distance in KM and the length of time by the selected method of travel will be displayed. Click the crosshair icon to the far right of the company to display the route between the two locations.

2. List & Details View

9. Sorting and filtering

21. Flagging records

22. Saved lists

25. Exporting records

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