Companies - Details

Adding Companies

Adding Companies

To Add a New Company

1. Click the Companies button at the top of the screen

2. Select New from the dropdown submenu

3. Enter the Company’s details in the appropriate fields

Adding Company Contacts

Adding Company Contacts
Adding Company Contacts

To Add a Company Contact

1. Click the + button on the right hand side

2. Fill in the contact’s details

3. Change the category field if the person is a primary or invoice contact for the company

4. Click Add

Note:  Primary contacts are shaded in green

Tagging Companies

To Tag a Company

1. Go to the Info & Tags tab within the Company's record

2. Click the + button at the end of the Tags window on the right hand side

3. Select the appropriate tags to add by clicking on the icon at the end of the tag name


4. Enter part of the tag name in the search field at the top and press Enter to filter

5. Click outside the tag list

Searching Companies

To Search Companies

1. Press CTRL F on the keyboard

2. Type the criteria into the fields to search on (criteria can be entered into fields on any tab)

3. Press Enter on the keyboard

At the bottom of the screen on the left, it displays how many records found

To search using more than one piece of criteria using OR

4. Press Ctrl F on the keyboard

5. Enter criteria into the first field

6. From the Requests menu at the top of the screen, choose Add New Request

7. In the new blank record, add any further criteria

8. Press Enter

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    Permanently deleted user

    great tools.  Not sure if was my laptop video or not but a couple of them seemed very blurred and then suddenly became clear.


    Very well presented, thanks Jo.

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