Candidates - LinkedIn

Searching LinkedIn

Searching LinkedIn

To search LinkedIn

1. Click on Candidates

2. From the dropdown menu, select LinkedIn

3. Click the Search button on the menu bar

4. Enter the criteria to search for

5. Click the Search button at the end

Using the Search Builder

Using the Search Builder

To use the Search Builder

1. Click the Search Builder button

2. Select the criteria under the appropriate field heading using the dropdowns (max 5 criteria per field)

3. Click the Copy Request button

4. Click on the Search button on the menu bar at the top

5. Paste the Search Criteria into the Search box

6. Click the Search button to search

Parsing from LinkedIn URLs

Parsing from LinkedIn URLs

To add LinkedIn URLs for parsing

1. Select the green LinkedIn URLs you want to parse on the left hand side

2. Drag the selected URL over to the right hand side

3. Click the Parse URLs button at the bottom

4. Wait for the system to finish parsing the URLs

5. You will then see a list of all the parsed records

6. Click the arrow icon to the left of a record to view the record created

Training Videos:

23. LinkedIn

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