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HRS Connect offers a free job board service Tiro, which is fully integrated with the database and allows job posting to the board which you can then share the relavant links on social media site etc. In order to post to the Tiro job board you will need to ensure the following information is filled out. Information that is mandatory to post is noted below by a *

1. * Select the Job type for this job

2. Select an employment market from the drop down value list

3. Enter either a salary or a rate to be displayed on the job posting

4. * Enter a start and end date for the job. The start date is the intended start date of the actual position. The end date will be auto populated a year from the start date but this can be removed and left blank if this is a permanent job with no end date

5. * Select tags that are relevant to the job which will be displayed on the posting

6. * Enter a start and end date for the advertisement on the job board. When the job posting reaches the end date it will then automatically be removed from the job board unless this is extended and refreshed

7. * Ensure a consultant is assigned to the job

8. Enter a job summary for the job

9. If there is any additional information required that you may wish to be displayed enter this.


1. To post the job to Tiro click the sharing icon in the top right of the job screen

2. Click the Update Job Board button. This will then display a system message to confirm it has been successfully posted

3. Clicking the relevant social media icon to the right of the links produced will open that media in a browser. The link for the job posting is automatically copied to the clipboard and you can paste this link into the social media now.

Once you job has been successfully posted to Tiro you can paste one of the links into your browser to take a look at the job post. If any changes need to be made this can be done back on the job in HRS Connect.


PLEASE NOTE:- Any changes made to the job posting will require you to click the Update Job Board button again.

Setting the application page display

Full Display

Basic Display

Basic Display

You can change the view of the application page from a basic display to a full advanced page depending on your preference.

1. Go to Admin > Settings > Company Details > Applicant Registration Layout Style

Training Videos:

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