Back Office

The Backoffice is where invoices and placements are managed

Creating Invoices

Creating Invoices

To Invoice a Placement

1. Click the Admin button at the top

2. Select Backoffice from the submenu

3. Select the Placements tab on the left hand side

4. Click the arrow to the left of the placement to invoice

4. Edit any fields as necessary -  make sure the fixed fee or % fee fields are populated

5. Click the Create Invoice button in the bottom right hand corner

6. Click Yes to review the invoice

Emailing Invoices

Emailing Invoices

To Email an Invoice

1. Click the Email Invoice button in the bottom right hand corner

2. Edit the email as necessary

3. The invoice is automatically attached to the email as a .pdf

4. Click the Send button to send the invoice

Printing Invoices

Printing Invoices

To Print an Invoice

1. Click the Print Invoice button in the bottom right hand corner

2. Enter any bank detail or notes as necessary

3. Click the Print button

Changing Invoice Currencies

Changing Invoice Currencies

To Change the Currency of an Invoice

In the Invoice window

1. Click the Currency Details button on the menu bar at the top

2. In the Currency field, select the currency to use

3. Click outside the window to close and update

Training Videos:

30. Invoicing placements

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