Setting Up New Email Accounts

This article will describe how to set up a new email account for a consultant to enable the sending and receiving of emails through HRS Connect.

Setting up Email accounts for consultants

To access the Settings section to edit HRS Connect user accounts you must have Administrator login privileges.

Basic Email Setup

To setup consultants email accounts go to Admin > Settings > Consultants > Select a consult record > Click Email Account Setup as shown above.


1. If using a provider such as Office 365, Gmail or 1&1 then enter only the Incoming Mail Server (IMAP) details in the Email Server Field.

2. Click the password field and enter the password for the email account.

3. Finally, click the Test Settings button which will test both outgoing (SMTP) and incoming (IMAP) server details. If an error message appears, please notify support of the error message and take a screen shot.

4. Emails are imported automatically every 30-45 minutes into HRS Connect. However, if you wish a sync to take place as you enter the email area then enable the Auto-import option.

5. If you wish to receive a copy of all emails sent from HRS then enable the Auto BCC Emails option.

6. Once complete and working, click the Save & Setup button.


Advanced Email Setup

Advanced Email Setup

All email accounts are different and because of this, we have given the option for an advanced setup. You may need to speak with your Email Provider or your IT who manage your email servers to provide you the above information.

1. Enter the incoming (IMAP) server details in this area.

2 Enter the outgoing (SMTP) server details in this area.

3. Once both incoming and outgoing server details have been entered click the Test Settings button. If either of the tests produce an error please report this to the support team with the error and a screenshot for investigations.

4. Once complete and working, click Save & Setup.

Setting up Email Folders

Once the email account has been successfully setup you will need to select a folder from your email account you wish to download from.

1. Click on the dropdown in the top right and select Email

Downloading Emails

1. Click the Download button to initially pull in the Email folders from your account

Syncing Email Account with HRS Connect

Syncing Email Account with HRS Connect

1. Click the Folders button

2. Select folder to be switched on for download by simply clicking the red 'Off' button. This will change green and turn to 'On'.

3. A default folder must be selected. This is the default folder displayed when entering the email area.

Downloading Emails

1. Now that we have chosen our folders for download, hit the 'Download' button to download a copy of the emails from the selected folder into HRS Connect


Note:- Although Emails are automatically downloaded every 30-45 minutes in HRS Connect, you can manually choose to download if you wish to download these sooner or you can also choose the option in the Email setup to auto-import upon entry of the Email area

Email Signatures

To setup either plain text or HTML signatures you will need to navigate to Dashboard (1) > Email Signatures (2).

Basic Text Signature

If you do not have a HTML Email signature you can create a basic text signature in the Text Signature field

HTML Signature

Paste in your HTML Email Signature source code in the HTML Signature Code field. You MUST add at the top the div id signature as shown in the screenshot above.

At the end of your HTML source code you MUST add a closing tag for the Div ID Signature as shown above in highlights.

1. Click the HTML Email Signature tab to view your HTML Signature.


Should you have any issues with the Email Signature displaying correctly, contact the support team who may be able to assist. If your HTML signature does not display correctly it may be that the HTML source code needs cleaning (if created from Word for example). Tools to assist with the HTML clean up can be found below:

Training Videos:

29. Email signatures

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