Receiving Emails

Viewing Incoming Emails

Viewing Incoming Emails

To view incoming emails

1. Click on the arrow in the top right hand corner of the HRS Connect window

2. Select Email

Checking for Incoming Emails

To check for incoming emails

1. Click the Download button at the top

HRS Connect will now download with the email account that has been set up in the Settings area of the database against your consultant record

2. Click the Folders button to see the list of folders it has linked to

3. Click the red OFF button next to the folders you want to download emails for

4. Click the arrow at the end of the folder switched to ON to see the emails in that folder

Reading Incoming Emails

To read an incoming email

1. Click the arrow to the left of the email to read

2. Click outside the email window to close it down

Creating Records from Incoming Emails

Creating Records from Incoming Emails

To create a record from an incoming email

1. Click the + button to the left of the sad face icon on the email to use to create the record

2. Enter any additional information

3. Select what type of person to create

4. Use the Link tab, link the person to an existing company if it is a client contact


5. Use the Create tab to create a new company

6. Click the + button in the top right hand corner to create the record

The email will now show a smiley face icon to indicate the person is now on the database.  A record will now exist for the person and the email will be logged onto their Comms tab

Replying to and Fowarding Incoming Emails

To reply to/forward an incoming email

You can reply to/forward an incoming email within HRS Connect and the reply/forwarded email will automatically be logged onto the person’s communications tab

1. Open the email to reply/foward by clicking the arrow on the left

2. Click the reply/reply to all/forward button at the top

3. Enter the text for the reply

4. If forwarding, add the recipients email address by clicking on the + button above the recipients field, entering the person's name to find and then clicking on the icon at the end of their name and clicking the Update button to add

5. Attach any documents if necessary using the + button above the attachments field

6. Use the <>HTML/<>Text buttons to add the appropriate signature

7. Click the Send button

Deleting Incoming Emails

Deleting Incoming Emails

To delete an incoming email

1. From the email list, select the Emails for deletion from HRS Connect

2. Click on the Actions button

3. Select Move to Trash

The selected Emails will removed from HRS Connect.

PLEASE NOTE:- Emails removed from HRS Connect WILL NOT be removed from your mail server but ONLY from HRS Connect.

Training Videos:

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