Add a New Candidate and CV Parsing

1. Make sure you are in the People area of the database

2. Click the New Contact button at the bottom of the screen

Click the Candidate button

Select the role sought type

Locate the candidate’s CV to store and select it then click 'Open'

NOTE:  At this point HRS Pro will automatically open the CV in the background, take a copy of it and paste the text into the CV text field on the CV & Docs tab

Select a skills category to autoskill from specifically or leave all unchecked to autoskill using all skills categories

Click Continue

NOTE:  HRS Pro will now perform autoskilling and CV parsing, populating fields automatically from the CV information

HRS Pro then presents you with a window with a copy of the CV on the right and auto-populated fields on the left.  Any other information HRS Pro has not picked up can simply be populated manually by highlighting the text on the right and then dragging it with the mouse into the appropriate field on the left.

Click the Close button in the top left hand corner to return to the record

To Store a formatted CV for Emailing against a Candidate’s Record

To Store a formatted CV for Emailing against a Candidate’s Record

On the CV & Docs tab, click the + button at the end of the Documents area

Find the formatted CV to be added

Click the Email checkbox at the end of the record to populate the Default CV for Emailing field above

NOTE:  Labels can be assigned to other stored documents using the Label dropdown list

Bulk CV Import

Bulk CV Import

First ensure that the CVs to import are all in one folder stored somewhere on your machine

From Contacts….List View, click the Functions… button and select Bulk CV Import

Select the folder to import the CVs from

Click the Start processing button

Press OK once complete


The above dialogue will appear showing all the Bulk CV imports done on the left hand side in date order and the CVs that were successfully imported (green ticks) on the right hand side.  Any unsuccessful imported CVs will be displayed with a red circle with a line through.

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