Using Citrix with HRS

By using Citrix you can:

  • Have an environment that has speeds of up to 100 Mb up and down for faster connection. Essential for clients with speeds less than 6Mb up and less than 1Mb down
  • Have data intensive tasks handled through the Citrix environment rather than using your local machine resources
  • Have a virtual office by using HRS and the Microsoft Office package together
  • Have multiple offices across the globe connecting to a single server without any worries on the impact in the applications performance
  • Not have to worry about your data's safety. Access to your database is secure through Citrix
  • Access your database from anywhere in the world on any machine

If Citrix is something that can help you and your business then contact the team on 0203 475 5775 and speak to a sales representative who can help.

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