CV Send

Ensure you are on the candidate's record and on the Job Activity tab

  1. Click the green plus (+) on the right of the screen
  • Click OK
  • Select the desired job from the Jobs List.

Use the filter box at the top to find a job quickly by entering the job title or company name

You are then taken to the Job Activity window...

  • Click the CV Send tab

This brings up the e-mail window...

  1. Check the body of the letter/email and make any amendments as necessary
  2. Go to the Linked Contacts and Attachments tab and check that the formatted CV is going to be sent by ensuring there is a tick next to the attached CV

NOTE:  If there is a crossed through red circle it is indicating there is no formatted CV stored against the candidate's record

  • Click the Send Immediately button at the top of the screen to send the email

You will then see a dialogue box asking if you wish to create a follow up To Do

  • Click Yes
  1. Change the Due Date field to the date required
  2. Click the Send to Calendar checkbox for the To Do to appear in your Outlook Calendar as well
  3. Click the Create Reminder checkbox to set up a reminder with a date and time
  4. Click the Send to Calendar button

You can then close the window

The Job Activity will now be logged in the job and person’s Job Activities log with a Progress of CV sent to hiring manager

You will see the first checkbox, on the right, has a tick in it to show the status


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