HRS Connect v1.4 Released

RecruitmnetForce Ltd. (HRS) are excited to announce the release of HRS Connect v1.4, below is a list of features and improvements that we have added. Upgrades will be occurring over the next few weeks and our Support Team will be in contact to arrange this.

New Features

  • Add Candidates to Workflow without the Candidates being on the Short or Long List.
  • Document sub-type field, choose ‘Other’ then you have the option to add another value from your Value Lists area of the Settings.
  • Salary High field in Jobs for users to reference Spec CV Reporting in the General Activity Report and Dashboard Stats, showing Spec CV records and if the email was sent in the details on the Stats page.
  • Communications category on any communication in or out of the system, this can be reported on within the Dynamic Reporting tool.
  • Text formatting on PDF formatted CV (colours, fonts, size, bold, italics and underline).
  • Duplicate Job with options to duplicate long list, short list, documents, and tags.
  • Link historic emails to Contact when creating a Contact/Candidate from an inbound email.
  • Ability to add To Dos to external Task List/Reminders
  • Multiple CV Send in Workflow to the Hiring Manager on the job.
  • Added Goodwin by Relinklabs to HRS Connect jobs, this allows you to get a quick understanding of the job title you are reviewing. This will show possible skills, time in role and possible previous or next job positions.


  • Draft emails documents can be reviewed or saved.
  • Email changed to use a local plugin rather that a web service API. We do not sync Sent Items, folder moves or email deletes any longer as this was causing excessive delays. There is an option to BCC yourself and those sent emails can be set to go into an HRS Sent folder with a rule in your email application.
  • Create Events and To Dos from Contact and Candidate records.
  • Employment market and position sought can now have multiple values added or removed in an easier manner.
  • Candidate Match Filtering on the Job and Job Matching on the Candidate, this now filters results to only records that match all chosen tags.
  • Radius Search speed has been improved and added 'constrain' as an option when performing the find.
  • Social Poster on PC will now open a new browser window as there was an issue displaying Hootsuite on a PC.
  • Tiro Application page updates and improvements including the options for a Basic application form or integration via iFrame to our clients existing website. You can also choose if your company logo or name or both are shown on the application page.
  • Improved Help and forum access and features as part of a bigger project to improve our customer Help Centre.
  • No of employees field on the Company details window uses the value list from the admin area.
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