HRS Connect V1.8 GDPR Release Date

We are excited to announce that the latest v1.8 release of HRS Connect will be released on the weekend of 14th/15th April 2018.

The team will be scheduling in several upgrades throughout the week with all remaining clients expected to be upgraded by Sunday 22nd April.


Below are some of the features being introduced in the next version of HRS Connect:


Granting or revoking consent

If a person has granted or revoked consent to storing their data, this information will be stored on the authorisations tab on the person’s record. It will be date stamped and the person’s name logged next to that stamp.


Candidate Online Portal

An online portal for candidates to view, edit and manage their own details and consent to the storage of their data.

A link to the portal will be provided through merge tags which means you will be able to send a marketing email to all your candidates providing them with a unique login.


Candidate PDF report

Should a candidate request to see all the data held against their record, consultants can produce a PDF file of that candidate's record, including their phone numbers, email addresses, postal address, recent history, notes,  stored documents and workflow. You can specify which fields to include.

New email template field designed to simplify logging granting or revoking of consent of data storage

A new email template field with authorisation links will allow easy bulk emailing to enable consent to be obtained. Once the recipient selects the appropriate option, it will update their record.



Delete All function for Administrators

If a person requests that their data be deleted, administrators will have the ability to permanently delete their data in one go.


Workflow pre CV send authorisation

Before sending a CV to a client, consultants will be able to request permission from the candidate with one simple click from the workflow functions button.


Blocked Companies

Add blocked companies to candidate records so consultants cannot accidentally add them to longlists or create workflow for jobs for those companies.


GDPR reports

Reports to find people who have revoked or granted consent within a specific date range.


Security enhancements

Audit log for recording the deletion, export and printing of records.

Get email notifications when consultants print or export records over a certain limit.

More secure password storage.

TIRO job board improvements and enhancements for capturing candidate data and getting permission to store and use their data.


In addition to the above features of the next release, we are also offering an email cleansing service which lets you know which email addresses are valid and which are no longer in use. If this is of interest to you, please contact the support team who can advise on the costs for this service.

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