Bulk Email - Mailgun integration and setup on HRS Pro

As part of the setup process, you will be required to make a change to your email domain in order to allow Mailgun to process and send these large volumes of emails on your behalf without the worry of being added to spam registers.


PLEASE NOTE - We strongly advise your internal IT or domain provider to action the steps under 'Verifying Your Domain'. Support are able to assist where possible but take no responsibility for domain DNS changes. Charges may be incurred from HRS if support are required to action this as this falls outside of the support contract.

Setup a Mailgun account

You will need to visit the Mailgun site to setup to create a new account using the below link:

PLEASE NOTE: Mailgun is FREE for the first 10,000 emails each month. For charges over this amount please click the pricing calculator for more information.


Once the account is setup you will need to 'Add New Domain' from the Domains menu

Enter the domain you will be emailing from.

PLEASE NOTE - When entering your domain please DO NOT set this as 'www.'. This should be '' NOT '


PLEASE NOTE - You DO NOT need to create a subdomain as suggested in the below screenshot.

Activate your account

Once you have created your account and added a domain you will be sent an 'Activation Email'. Please check your inbox (and junk emails just in case) and follow the instructions which should provide a link to click on which will activate your Mailgun account.

PLEASE NOTE - The Mailgun integration with HRS will NOT work unless you have activated the Mailgun account from the activation link on the email.

Verifying Your Domain

In order to verify your email domain for sending you need to edit your DNS settings by adding TXT & MX records on your domain. Once the domain is added to Mailgun you will be presented with a window which displays the TXT and MX record information (see image below).

  1. Refer to your domain providers instructions on creating a txt record (links to domain providers can be found at the end of this article)
  2. Add the two TXT records to your domain.
  3. Add the two MX records to your domain. NOTE - MX records are recommended for all domains, even if you are only sending messages. Unless you already have MX records for yourdomain pointing to another email provider (e.g. Gmail) 

The values must be those shown on your Mailgun account. The below screenshot is for reference only.


PLEASE NOTE - It can take up to 24 hours to propagate the DNS changes made above though this typically happens within a matter of minutes.

Checking Your DNS Settings Work

Once the TXT and MX records have been setup on your mail server you will need to verify that the process is complete by checking the DNS records in MailGun

In Mailgun navigate to Domains > Select the relevant domain > Scroll down to domain verification & DNS (pictured below) > Click the 'Check DNS Records Now' button.

  1. The first image shown below indicates that either the settings were not correctly entered on your domain or it may simply mean it has not yet finished propagating in which case we advise to check back later or allow uop to 24 hours for this process to complete.
  2. The second image shows you how it should look once it has been succesfully set up and has propagated.

Obtain API Key

Finally, you will need to obtain the API key which will later be added to HRS Pro.

  1. Navigate to the top right of MailGun clicking the arrow to display a dropdown menu
  2. Select Accounts Settings
  3. Select API Keys
  4. Click the eye symbol to the right of the Active API Key to view the API Key which you can copy (to be pasted into HRS Pro). If no API Key is displayed then click the refresh icon and then copy the key.

Setup Mailgun in HRS Pro

You will need to enable Mailgun for your bulk email by performing the following steps:

1. Click on Admin

2. Click the Contact tab on the left

3. Set 'Use Mailgun' to 'Yes'

4 Add the API key (follow previous step to obtain this)

5 Click Test API Key to ensure this is setup correctly

6. Click the refresh button to the right of the domain portal which will pull through the domains on your Mailgun account. If this is showing verified then this is setup and ready for use

Matching domains

Please ensure that the domain of your email addresses in HRS Pro match that of those on Mailgun. In the below example we can see the domain from Mailgun is set to '' and one of the consultants email address is also using the '' domain so this is valid.


You are now ready to use Mailgun integration on HRS Pro!


PLEASE NOTE - We advise you send a test bulk email to a few personal email addresses to ensure the setup is all correct before attempting to email a large number of contacts/candidates.

Appendix - Domain Instructions

Below is a list of most domain providers. Please click the relevant domain provider for instructions on adding a text record. If you have your own IT department or someone managing your emails we would suggest having them action this. Should you not find your domain provider below please inform support who can assist.


Go Daddy









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