HRS Connect v1.9 Release Date

We are excited to announce that the latest v1.9 version of HRS Connect will be released on the weekend of 8th/9th December 2018.

During that weekend, there will be downtime on HRS Connect whilst the databases are migrated across to the latest v1.9 version.


Below are some of the features being introduced in the next version of HRS Connect:


Candidate Sourcer is back with a free trial for a limited period!

You can use your existing CV sourcing accounts such as Indeed, Jobsite, Monster, LinkedIn and MANY more, you can now search and source candidates from multiple accounts and download them directly into HRS.


Dashboard UI

The dashboard user interface has had a refresh removing the clutter but giving you all the information you need to know at a glance. We've also updated our Dashboard charts and KPIs with a fresh new look.


New Calendar UI

The calendar user interface has had a complete refresh making it more appealing to the eye, easier to read as well as increasing the performance of loading.


Mailgun Integration - Unsubscribes

For clients using Mailgun bulk email integration, you can now enable unsubscribes on the Mailgun portal which will add a unsubscribe link to the footer of bulk emails. This information can now be fed back into HRS Connect allowing you to know which contacts and candidates no longer wish to be contacted by email, enabling you to stay compliant with the recent GDPR regulation.


Candidate Registration via Tiro Job Board

Your candidates can now register via the Tiro Job Board page directly into your database without having to apply for a specific job. This can be achieved by either registering on the Tiro candidate registration page or using our API service into your website.


Job Spec Parsing

Similar to parsing a CV for a candidate, users can now parse a job spec provided to them by their clients which will extract the job summary, description and tags, saving you time when creating new jobs.


Multiple Companies To One Contact

A contact can now belong to multiple companies.


Placement Charts

Managers and Administrators now have access to placement charts to see how much revenue has been made on a monthly basis with the ability to compare this between two years.



We have added a series of new reports including:

Incomplete Records - See which contact or candidate records have incomplete data (based on your settings).

Temp Booking Report - See which temps are currently booked out within a date range.

Timeline Reports - See an overview of job timelines summarised by clients and within a date range.

Timesheet Report - Reports on timesheets which includes pay and charge rates as well as placement value and profit.

Time Spent Per Job - You can now log time directly against a job which can later be reported on to see how much time is spent working with a client.



The loading of saved lists and the calendar has improved performance and the team will be focusing on improving performance in several other areas in the next release!


Many More!

There are a total of around 75 new features, bug fixes, performance enhancements and improvements to HRS Connect for this release.





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    Martin Smith

    Hi, when is the next update due?


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