Bulk Email - Mailgun Unsubscribes

In order to set up Mailgun unsubscribes you will need to make amendments to your domain settings & also to your Mailgun account setup.

PLEASE NOTE- We strongly advise your internal IT or domain provider to make the changes to your domain. Support are able to assist where possible but take no responsibility for domain DNS changes. Charges may be incurred from HRS if support are required to action this as this falls outside of the support contract.

Mailgun Setup

  1. Login to your Mailgun account.
  2. Go to the Domains section & select the domain you wish to set up for unsubscribes.
  3. Scroll down to the Tracking Settings section and ensure that unsubscribes are switched on.
  4. Make a note of the value in Tracking Hostname - this defaults to email, but you may need to change this value when you come to setting up your CNAME record on your domain if you have a conflict with an existing CNAME record.
  5. You can also click the Customize unsubscribe templates button to alter how the unsubscribe link appears in your emails.

Domain Changes

On the domain you use to send emails through Mailgun in HRS Connect you will need to add a CNAME record.

The hostname should be <<tracking_hostname>>.<<your_domain>> and the value should be, where <<tracking_hostname>> is the value we made a note of in point 4 above. This default value is email but this is often used by other mail services and is typically used by Office365. If you do have a conflict then you need to change the hostname you entered to have a different value for the tracking hostname for example you might use the hostname mgemail.<<your_domain>>. It doesn't matter what prefix you use as long as it is not used already on your domain and you edit the settings on your Mailgun account accordingly.

If you do have to use a different tracking hostname, then you need to go back to your Mailgun account and enter the value into the Tracking Hostname section.

If you have setup your CNAME record correctly you should see a green tick in your Mailgun login against Optional DNS Records, under the Domain Verification & DNS section against your domain (see image below).



Next you need to navigate to the Webhook area in your Mailgun account. You will need to enter a URL into the Unsubscribes section. You will need to obtain your URL from HRS Support - this is different for all our clients so it is imperative that you use your own unique URL.

Once you have completed the above steps your unsubscribes will be integrated back into HRS Connect. When a user unsubscribes from an email you have sent via Mailgun from Connect the following things will occur;

  • The contact will be flagged as excluded.
  • The consultant who sent the bulk email will receive a system notification alerting them to the fact that a contact has unsubscribed from an email. The notification includes a link to the contact so the consultant can immediately go to the record.
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