11 x Future Feature Requests - Insight

Future Feature Requests - Insight

  • SMS mailshot – ‘ delay time to send’ feature as with Bulk e-mail.

  • Ability to Edit CV’s with a ‘one-off’ tweak at the final CV Send stage.

  • Longlist view ‘notes’ to copy across onto Shortlist view ‘notes’.

  • Interview confirmations – the multi window screen where you can send the Interview Confirmation to Candidate/Client etc. does not allow the individual emails to be sent !

  • Job/Vacancy Type – need Permanent, Contract and Temporary options.


  • Job / Candidate status needs to have ‘Placed’ as an option


  • Easier way to attach Documents from e-mails to Client & candidate Connect record cards.


    • Candidate ‘Reason for Change’ box to be a free type box and larger window, as Candidate reasons for leaving are one of the main factors that affect a move.

    • Overview Dashboard – desperately needs a ‘Manager Dashboard overview’ to Consolidate the information of the Consultants and Consolidate Back Office information like Placements, Invoices, Pipeline, Overdue’s etc but also Spec CV’s, Interviews, Offers, Placements

  • HRS Connect Log-in and Log-out date/time report by Consultant


Consultant KPI’s need to be editable/tailorable so different companies can set and monitor their own specific KPI’s.


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